Millennial Is…

18 thoughts on “Millennial Is…”

  1. Pretension one cannot see, only feel. Eschewing hipster fashion. Glowing to be within the first 50 views of YouTube artist topic adds. Enjoying a pop artist for a reason other than that which established him/her.

  2. While we may laugh openly at our parents’ Star Wars (and prequels/sequels/spinoffs of it that materialized in our lifetimes-to-date), we secretly, dead-seriously obsess over astrological compatibility.

  3. fetishizing his or her own feet in learning to stand up for him/herself without doing so or stepping on anyone else, listening to shoegaze while learning their size by walking miles in others’ too-small and too-large kicks, using digits and heels to empathize, and taking a load off only with those for whom they’ve loving eyes. 🙂

  4. concealing sentimental stanning. silently, collectively moving forward. evading peer pressure, intimidation, gaining vantage before action. creatively appreciating nourishment through ritual, restriction, the application of potions. laughing our way through, with anyone. learning the evil of those who prefer our quiet. pacifists’ strength no longer invisible.

  5. “Wanna be bold, the way we mistreat our Earth rather than cherish it. Truth be told a meek guy gonna inherit it. Gaea hot and cold on all of us now no matter our disposition; take care in 2018 to reduce your overall emissions.”

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