reclaiming my time

ewe son of a smith, what’s your name? i embrace my first’s diminutive favored by friends, family, and lovers; distill my sur to its most distinctive component in defiance of the Polish-habitational-obfuscating-and-supplanting abbreviation adopted by my maternal great-grandparents along with English, United States citizenship, and the law of survival in the Americas and i’m called … Continue reading reclaiming my time

Supernovae, Circular Economy Gardens

Ornamented by planets minute, spinning like carousels turned by toil. Narrow loops, closed hoops glowing with energy via reflective material. Leading zeros of the database era, brilliant as suns Randomness-reliant regenerative systems. Cosmic principle, humanity’s inferior understanding; Plants’ sustainability, zenith of quantum physics. Astronomy our universe’s planetarium Voyeurs to our discoveries through wormholes. Continue reading Supernovae, Circular Economy Gardens

encyclopædic sentiments

knit amid weather phenomena — homemade remedy fiddles and bows — information security voyage, journey — cryptocurrency. Millennials, challenged by trials of learning to behave like adults, comfort in nostalgic, resurfacing elements from their childhoods. Humans progressing towards greater collective tolerance, acknowledgment, and love, begin individually. Continue reading encyclopædic sentiments

Primrose whine

Anticipating missing proximity to New 400 cinema, Loyola campus, Independent Spirits’ free wine tastings, Berger Park Cultural Center, this April’s fool. 3 years later, the mystery in Edgewater persists… ?¿?¿?¿¿ ? — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) September 20, 2016 Important News: — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) October 12, 2016 The world is good. : ) — … Continue reading Primrose whine

Civic Doodies

Provisionally monikered “Donald Rump” on Twitter, #likeaboss — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) November 2, 2016 — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) September 25, 2016 Trending hashtags participation around music: #JustRuinABandName ~ Thrashing Bumpkins… #JustRuinABandName The War on Hugs — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName Phishing — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName 🐭 Chinchillaz 🐭 … Continue reading Civic Doodies

#realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

Apocalyptic devastation of islands and coasts. Zika and dengue. Irma and Maria. Harvey. Nate. Two major earthquakes, one of 7.1 magnitude. Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock. Or Wondering man smiles, helpless#realnews — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 2, 2017 Which educates, which enslaves? Relish each #currentissue of your free weekly and savor time spent in nature. My spring … Continue reading #realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

Langwij evolvz

Constancy, inevitability… language evolution. In grade school, the kids nicknamed me “Dictionary”. The bar was low; my spelling, grammar, usage, and pronunciation have never been perfect. Go ahead and make that Urban Dictionary, now — I’ve lived in Chicago for going on 7 years, and aspire to fluency in Internetese, though it tends to morph … Continue reading Langwij evolvz