Primrose whine

Anticipating missing proximity to New 400 cinema, Loyola campus, Independent Spirits’ free wine tastings, Berger Park Cultural Center, this April’s fool. 3 years later, the mystery in Edgewater persists… ?¿?¿?¿¿ ? — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) September 20, 2016 Important News: — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) October 12, 2016 The world is good. : ) — … Continue reading Primrose whine

Civic Doodies

Provisionally monikered “Donald Rump” on Twitter, #likeaboss — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) November 2, 2016 — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) September 25, 2016 Trending hashtags participation around music: #JustRuinABandName ~ Thrashing Bumpkins… #JustRuinABandName The War on Hugs — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName Phishing — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName 🐭 Chinchillaz 🐭 … Continue reading Civic Doodies

#realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

Apocalyptic devastation of islands and coasts. Zika and dengue. Irma and Maria. Harvey. Nate. Two major earthquakes, one of 7.1 magnitude. Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock. Or Wondering man smiles, helpless#realnews — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 2, 2017 Which educates, which enslaves? Relish each #currentissue of your free weekly and savor time spent in nature. My spring … Continue reading #realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

Langwij evolvz

Constancy, inevitability… language evolution. In grade school, the kids nicknamed me “Dictionary”. The bar was low; my spelling, grammar, usage, and pronunciation have never been perfect. Go ahead and make that Urban Dictionary, now — I’ve lived in Chicago for going on 7 years, and aspire to fluency in Internetese, though it tends to morph … Continue reading Langwij evolvz

WE use words

Great critics are distinguished by their vocabularies, and I stomach criticism — writing that exists essentially as ventilation — for the sake of encountering colorful, crunchy words that distract from the gassy opinions. I surmise that the words “wu-wei” and “esemplastic” originally struck me from either a critical piece or a listicle expressly composed to … Continue reading WE use words

The Tweet thought, Part II

View this post on Instagram "The Tweet thought Tweet thought |twēt THôt| noun 1 a thought which can be expressed in 140 or fewer typed characters, is self-negating, and for which impact derives more from immediacy than from incubation…" more > #fiction #humor #philosophy #News #Poetry #Prose #Humor/Philosophy A post shared by E. T. … Continue reading The Tweet thought, Part II

Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

I'd sell handmade cards, but only for $1 billion dollars per since commerce would spoil my enjoyment of making them. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Now everybody do their part to recycle and compost and conserve fossil fuels to preserve my colored-pencil ice. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Not my best … Continue reading Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks