Supernovae, Circular Economy Gardens

Ornamented by planets minute, spinning like carousels turned by toil. Narrow loops, closed hoops glowing with energy via reflective material. Leading zeros of the database era, brilliant as suns Randomness-reliant regenerative systems. Cosmic principle, humanity’s inferior understanding; Plants’ sustainability, zenith of quantum physics. Astronomy our universe’s planetarium Voyeurs to our discoveries through wormholes. Continue reading Supernovae, Circular Economy Gardens

encyclopædic sentiments

knit amid weather phenomena — homemade remedy fiddles and bows — information security voyage, journey — cryptocurrency. Millennials, challenged by trials of learning to behave like adults, comfort in nostalgic, resurfacing elements from their childhoods. Humans progressing towards greater collective tolerance, acknowledgment, and love, begin individually. Continue reading encyclopædic sentiments

Civic Doodies

Provisionally monikered “Donald Rump” on Twitter, #likeaboss — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) November 2, 2016 — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) September 25, 2016 Trending hashtags participation around music: #JustRuinABandName ~ Thrashing Bumpkins… #JustRuinABandName The War on Hugs — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName Phishing — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) March 27, 2017 #JustRuinABandName 🐭 Chinchillaz 🐭 … Continue reading Civic Doodies

#realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

Apocalyptic devastation of islands and coasts. Zika and dengue. Irma and Maria. Harvey. Nate. Two major earthquakes, one of 7.1 magnitude. Las Vegas: Stephen Paddock. Or Wondering man smiles, helpless#realnews — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 2, 2017 Which educates, which enslaves? Relish each #currentissue of your free weekly and savor time spent in nature. My spring … Continue reading #realnews, #currentissue,s, global nature, and #linestolove.

The Tweet thought, Part II

"The Tweet thought Tweet thought |twēt THôt| noun 1 a thought which can be expressed in 140 or fewer typed characters, is self-negating, and for which impact derives more from immediacy than from incubation…" more > #fiction #humor #philosophy #News #Poetry #Prose #Humor/Philosophy A post shared by E. T. (@else.tyroler) on Jun 22, 2017 … Continue reading The Tweet thought, Part II

Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

I'd sell handmade cards, but only for $1 billion dollars per since commerce would spoil my enjoyment of making them. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Now everybody do their part to recycle and compost and conserve fossil fuels to preserve my colored-pencil ice. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Not my best … Continue reading Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

dear microwave

I hate the second beep sequence of the microwave, and the third beep sequence more, on and on exponentially. [side note: get around to reading that Shonagon pillow book, rachrach.] The microwave refuses to learn that I will not forget, after hearing the first beep sequence, that my whatever is ready. If ever I should … Continue reading dear microwave