dear microwave

I hate the second beep sequence of the microwave, and the third beep sequence more, on and on exponentially. [side note: get around to reading that Shonagon pillow book, rachrach.] The microwave refuses to learn that I will not forget, after hearing the first beep sequence, that my whatever is ready. If ever I should … Continue reading dear microwave

The Tweet thought

Tweet thought |twēt THôt| noun 1 a thought which can be expressed in 140 or fewer typed characters, is self-negating, and for which impact derives more from immediacy than from incubation: She determined that it required a paragraph and was therefore not a Tweet thought, after all. 2 a figment of the imagination assuming the … Continue reading The Tweet thought


East River Pipe, “Times Square Go-Go Boy”. (Shining Hours in a Can, 1994.) East River Pipe, “The Club Isn’t Open”. (Mel, 1996.) Sun Kil Moon, “Glenn Tipton”. (Ghosts of the Great Highway, 2003.) Richard Hawley, “Coles Corner”. (Coles Corner, 2005.) Richard Hawley, “Seek It”. (Standing at the Sky’s Edge, 2012.) Sean Rowe, “Surprise”. (Magic, 2009.) … Continue reading Playlist