Langwij evolvz

Constancy, inevitability… language evolution. In grade school, the kids nicknamed me “Dictionary”. The bar was low; my spelling, grammar, usage, and pronunciation have never been perfect. Go ahead and make that Urban Dictionary, now — I’ve lived in Chicago for going on 7 years, and aspire to fluency in Internetese, though it tends to morph … Continue reading Langwij evolvz

WE use words

Great critics are distinguished by their vocabularies, and I stomach criticism — writing that exists essentially as ventilation — for the sake of encountering colorful, crunchy words that distract from the gassy opinions. I surmise that the words “wu-wei” and “esemplastic” originally struck me from either a critical piece or a listicle expressly composed to … Continue reading WE use words

The Tweet thought, Part II

View this post on Instagram "The Tweet thought Tweet thought |twēt THôt| noun 1 a thought which can be expressed in 140 or fewer typed characters, is self-negating, and for which impact derives more from immediacy than from incubation…" more > #fiction #humor #philosophy #News #Poetry #Prose #Humor/Philosophy A post shared by E. T. … Continue reading The Tweet thought, Part II

Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

I'd sell handmade cards, but only for $1 billion dollars per since commerce would spoil my enjoyment of making them. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Now everybody do their part to recycle and compost and conserve fossil fuels to preserve my colored-pencil ice. — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Not my best … Continue reading Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

chapter two

“UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH,” Else moaned loudly into her bedroom. Her mattress molded her body which the sheets warmly enveloped. Outside them: chill, residential disarray, and a large rolling suitcase deriding her limbs’ aching weakness. She sighed, muttered aloud, “I’ll leave it in the alley,” and sat up to sip water. Sniffles had descended upon her ten days … Continue reading chapter two

Chicago Weather Set to Richard Buckner

Richard Buckner performed “Ariel Ramirez”, among other songs, at the Empty Bottle in Chicago July 2014. My favorite that he performed then was “Little Wallet Picture”; I really enjoy a bit of good pedal steel. You should hear it in Our Blood‘s “Traitor”. (Our Blood, 2011 Merge Records, That evening at the Bottle my … Continue reading Chicago Weather Set to Richard Buckner