WE use words

Great critics are distinguished by their vocabularies, and I stomach criticism — writing that exists essentially as ventilation — for the sake of encountering colorful, crunchy words that distract from the gassy opinions. I surmise that the words “wu-wei” and “esemplastic” originally struck me from either a critical piece or a listicle expressly composed to … Continue reading WE use words

Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

I'd sell handmade cards, but only for $1 billion dollars per since commerce would spoil my enjoyment of making them. pic.twitter.com/etWJQC7mky — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Now everybody do their part to recycle and compost and conserve fossil fuels to preserve my colored-pencil ice. pic.twitter.com/HV9gLHXWJ4 — rach.czyk (@rachczyk) August 9, 2016 Not my best … Continue reading Doodle, it’s a Sketch! + Handmade Cards, Sticker Picks

dear microwave

I hate the second beep sequence of the microwave, and the third beep sequence more, on and on exponentially. [side note: get around to reading that Shonagon pillow book, rachrach.] The microwave refuses to learn that I will not forget, after hearing the first beep sequence, that my whatever is ready. If ever I should … Continue reading dear microwave


East River Pipe, “Times Square Go-Go Boy”. (Shining Hours in a Can, 1994.) East River Pipe, “The Club Isn’t Open”. (Mel, 1996.) Sun Kil Moon, “Glenn Tipton”. (Ghosts of the Great Highway, 2003.) Richard Hawley, “Coles Corner”. (Coles Corner, 2005.) Richard Hawley, “Seek It”. (Standing at the Sky’s Edge, 2012.) Sean Rowe, “Surprise”. (Magic, 2009.) … Continue reading Playlist

Ermagerd PRRETRY.

Introductions to books often feel like apologies — especially in this case of my first berk of curlercterd prretry, ernd sterf. I’ll first apologize for shying from acknowledging what, on Earth, this even, in fact, is. APaOP is a cherp berk, that is to say, a chapbook, of collected perms, or, for anyone less committed … Continue reading Ermagerd PRRETRY.