chapter three

Cast your eyes skyward for the jig. Perhaps everything you’ve read of Else Tyroler’s story thus far has been at best colorful, at worst dull, and likeliest, failing to engross or merit credence. I, Else, prefer that this story register with you as true. However, as the dress I wear, like the pearls in my … Continue reading chapter three

chapter two

“UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH,” Else moaned loudly into her bedroom. Her mattress molded her body which the sheets warmly enveloped. Outside them: chill, residential disarray, and a large rolling suitcase deriding her limbs’ aching weakness. She sighed, muttered aloud, “I’ll leave it in the alley,” and sat up to sip water. Sniffles had descended upon her ten days … Continue reading chapter two

chapter one

That New Year’s Eve, Else’s family — specifically, her younger brother Demetrius — put on New York’s broadcast and gathered ’round the big, flatscreen TV. Their father built a fire in the wood-burning stove to tend (and to forget to tend). Demetrius and their mother simply relaxed on the couch, for both had worked that … Continue reading chapter one


Shortly, you’ll meet Liz, Jack, and Paul. But first, let me introduce myself. Else Tyroler is my assumed name — that is, the name of myself as a character in this work. It works, because, the character within this work is completely Else Tyroler, though of course, outside this work, she is not quite, but … Continue reading intro

dear microwave

I hate the second beep sequence of the microwave, and the third beep sequence more, on and on exponentially. [side note: get around to reading that Shonagon pillow book, rachrach.] The microwave refuses to learn that I will not forget, after hearing the first beep sequence, that my whatever is ready. If ever I should … Continue reading dear microwave